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Piron Metal Construction GmbH in Kleve, Nordrhein Westfalen
APP is your professional contact in Kleve and the surrounding area. Including Bedburg-Hau, Uedem, Goch, Emmerich, Kalkar and Kranenburg.

As a certified welding company (EN 1090 Exc 2) we can fulfill every request
concerning terrace canopies in aluminium, steel or high grade steel. Balconies, variable steel constructions and repair of the above are part of our service. We are a registered Novoferm distributor and certified garage door centre. We provide Novoferm sectional garage doors, matching impetus Novoport and Novomatic as well as all other products.

You require individual metalwork? We at Piron Metal Construction in Kleve know : Nobody wants to pay for pseudo designer parts off the peg, only to
find them in the whole neighbourhood.
You want a solution thats fits in your existing system seamlesly instead?
You may have a concrete vision of exactly what you want but can’t find it among mass produced goods? Then contact us! As experts in diverse material combinations we have the perfect solution that will turn your balcony into an oasis of well-being or your terrace into a place of perfect relaxation.
Various types of staircases and hand raids also belong to our sector.

More than just basic components

We are a complete service provider. This means when we install your canopy you can directly sit down and enjoy it. Without wasting time thinking about lighting or radiant heaters. All these things are taken care of for you with a range of modern supplies. For example, by the use of LED lighting components and cutting-edge infra red remote controlled heaters made by VASNER.
Taking care of heating requirements.

Safety for your home

Perhaps you have a private garage and know that : a new garage door is necessary but you shy the effort to research individual components.
With us you receive everything directly from one source or you can order the components in our online shop.
Beginning with the design you have the choice between horizontal beading, large beading or large lamination in the surfaces Satin, Woodgrain or Noblesse. Also in terms of colour you are in the comfortable situation to have the choice of everything from fir-tree green over anthracite grey, nut brown to iron blue

We even cater for individualy mixed colour shades using RAL or DB shade guides.

In the garage door drive section we work with approved quality products from the firm NOVOFERM. The latest technology is combined with modern energy efficiency. Gain safety through programmable, bright LED-lighting and the highest safety standard for garage doors. At the push of a button you have everything under control thanks to the new Novotron-hand-held transmitter. No more jerky opening and closing thanks to the gentle soft-start and soft-stop function.

5 years guaranty round off the offer. So you are on the safe side when it comes to mechanics, motor and motor maintainance, in case that something should ever stick.

Contact us!

You still have questions? You want to know if and when we can put your plan into action?
Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions and fulfill your individual requirements. We look forward to welcoming you!

Unsere Garagentoraktion für Sie bis zum 31.12.2016.

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